May News:

​​​​Lia doesn’t believe in a happy ever after. She never thought secrets from her past would lead to blackmail and murder, or that Detective Grant Moss, recuperating from being shot on duty, would be so appealing. When her sister destroys important evidence and Lia is threatened, it’s Moss’s job to find the murderer before he kills again.

Will a clever sting capture the killer or just put Grant in front of a bullet again? And is Lia willing to risk her safety and heart for an uncertain future with Grant? 

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July News

Its hot, hot hot here in Wisconsin, and I’m loving it! This is what we dream of all  winter long; you won’t hear me complaining.

A lot has been happening: "The Perfect Suspect" came out in paperback.  Here’s the link to Amazon: It’s free on Kindle unlimited, $2.99 ebook and $14.99 paperback.

​Twice divorced and wary about relationships, Jen Wright buys a cabin in far north Wisconsin to get away to plot her next novel. She doesn’t expect to find her first ex-husband shot dead in the bedroom. A note in his pocket declares, J set me up.

And she doesn’t expect to be attracted to handsome Deputy Ross Tyler, recently rejected by his fiancée. Like Jen, he’s unwilling to risk his heart again.

She’s the perfect suspect, and blustery Sheriff Sturge isn’t going to let her forget it. When the murder weapon is found in her van, he’s even more convinced of her guilt.

Jen soon realizes she’s actually living the best plot ever . . . but unless she can uncover some answers, she may have to write the story from jail.

Summer out my back door.

I’m still waiting for the paperback copies of The Shopkeeper’s Secret, but the ebook is ready for you now.

​Heres the link:  ​Here’s the link to amazon:

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