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December already? How did that happen? I've been up to my neck working on "The Innocent" (not sure I'll keep that title, but it works for now). First Thanksgiving and all its family obligations came along and . . . here comes Christmas!

     Which I love. But with the big family I have, and great-grandkids scattered from Wisconsin to California, there are things to get done: mailing gifts early enough to the far-away ones and finding just the right books (I hope!) for the little ones I'll see over the holidays. 

     I'm fortunate to have three readers who have kept me on track through the past months (and who told me what to X out and rewrite - and there was quite a bit!). And to urge me on when I think I ought to quit on this book and start a different story that wouldn't be so difficult. Thanks, ladies!

     So that's where I am this December, looking forward to family times during the month, and wishing all my readers a Merry, Merry Christmas with all that entails. And for those who have lost a loved one and will have a difficult time this holiday, my heart goes out to you and yours.

     See you in 2018!

Winter across my little lake.

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