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May News:

​Looks like Rocco’s ready to take advantage of the (finally) better weather! We’re not out of the woods yet - I remember snow flurries on Memorial Day on one year not that long ago. Global warming? I don’t think Wisconsin’s heard of it.

​​​​Lia doesn’t believe in a happy ever after. She never thought secrets from her past would lead to blackmail and murder, or that Detective Grant Moss, recuperating from being shot on duty, would be so appealing. When her sister destroys important evidence and Lia is threatened, it’s Moss’s job to find the murderer before he kills again.

Will a clever sting capture the killer or just put Grant in front of a bullet again? And is Lia willing to risk her safety and heart for an uncertain future with Grant? 

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Just this week, special for my readers: The Virgin Murders is free on Amazon.com. Here’s the story: 
        Channeling the Virgin Mary, a middle-aged rejected novitiate crosses the country from Oregon to Pennsylvania to complete a nine-month novena of double murders in Love Nests, International!, leaving a small statue of the Madonna at each crime. When the female sheriff at the final murders uncovers the other eight crimes, the killer kidnaps the sheriff’s young son to lure her to her death at a cabin deep in the woods. Will the sheriff be able to save her son? Or will they both become the final deaths in this killer’s murderous novena?

(Author’s note): I've never met a woman like Mary Kolinsky. I never want to.

​Heres the link to Amazon: http://amzn.to/2CD4Ko5   

I’m still waiting for the paperback copies of The Shopkeeper’s Secret, but the ebook is ready for you now.

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