Halfway through September News:

We’re moving into Wisconsin’s late seasonal temps (perfect weather for doing almost anything outdoors) and looking forward to Indian Summer once we get past the first frost. Trees are beginning to have that dusty tinge of yellow, looking just a little tired, and gardens are still bursting with the riotous blooms that say not giving up yet! 

In fact, I stopped out at Stein’s Garden today just for fun (it’s a great place to browse but I was a little surprised to see Christmas things up right alongside Hallowe’en pumpkins already) and ended up buying eight little perennials to plant and fill out my front garden empty spots for next year. And digging up the gladiolas spikes now they’ve quit blooming. A couple of hours is all it took to spice up the area and make it more presentable. Guess I’m not giving up on summer yet myself!

I’m working­—or trying to—on a sequel to THE SHOPKEEPER’S SECRET but for some reason it doesn’t come easily; guess I just don’t know where I’m going with it yet and have to write my way toward it. Probably some of you will shake your heads and say, “Writer’s Block” but it doesn’t seem like that. It seems more like asking myself “Is this idea worth pursuing, or am I Just having a glitch in my thinking? Help! 

An interesting note came the other day from a short story anthology “Cozy Crime Stories” which will be published in Greece next year. They’ve picked up one of my mysteries, “Just the Fax” for the book. It will be published in English and available through Amazon. And they even pay! That’s more than many short story publishers do; a nice plus.

It seems that fall is the time so many writing organizations decide to offer conferences in every aspect of the writing business. And every one of them is tempting—surely I need to know that- surely I need a refreshed on that - and have I ever heard so-and-so speak, and she’s one of my favorite authors . . . it’s hard to resist, keep my head down and just get to work.

But I will. Right now. See you in October. If you want to connect with a question or comment, or even just to chat, I’d love that. nancysweetland@gmail.com.







The Perfect Suspect -

Finally out in paperback

Amazon.com:  http://amzn.to/1Yb7vCZ

​​​​Lia doesn’t believe in a happy ever after. She never thought secrets from her past would lead to blackmail and murder, or that Detective Grant Moss, recuperating from being shot on duty, would be so appealing. When her sister destroys important evidence and Lia is threatened, it’s Moss’s job to find the murderer before he kills again.

Will a clever sting capture the killer or just put Grant in front of a bullet again? And is Lia willing to risk her safety and heart for an uncertain future with Grant? 

​Here’s the link to amazon: 


I’m still waiting for the paperback copies of The Shopkeeper’s Secret, but the ebook is ready for you now.

​Heres the link to amazon: 

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