THE HOUSE ON THE DUNES - A picture-perfect house is the backdrop for this sweet yet mysterious tale. Trying to uncover the secrets of her mother's life, Olivia leaves her disgruntled husband and moves into Dunes House to search for her past, only to find answers she could never have imagined - answers that threaten the security of the only life she's ever known.

The Shopkeeper's Secret -

 Lia doesn’t believe in a happy ever after. She never thought secrets from her past would lead to blackmail and murder, or that Detective Grant Moss, recuperating from being shot on duty, would be so appealing. When her sister destroys important evidence and Lia is threatened, it’s Moss’s job to find the murderer before he kills again.
Will a clever sting capture the killer or just put Grant in front of a bullet again? And is Lia willing to risk her safety and heart for an uncertain future with Grant?


THE COUNTESS OF DENWICK - A rollicking story of an arranged marriage, a shipwreck, two murders, an evil Earl, pirates, a handsome seaman and a heroine who follows her heart. But can she be the Countess of Denwick if she does?

THE KEY, THE SCROLL AND THE HIDDEN ROOM- (Novella) An ancient key pulls mild-mannered Porter Church into a centuries-old Egyptian mystery. Can this call to unexpected adventure bring him fame, fortune and--most of all--freedom from a stifling marriage?  

A BRUSH WITH DEATH - (Short Story) When Bolton purchases an antique box of artist's supplies, he discovers one brush that holds the power to paint death. Will he use that power for good? Or to free himself from his unhappy marriage? 

GIRARD'S NUDE - When a well-known French artist meets an overweight, middle-aged small-town American woman at a cocktail party in tiny Waldenford, Pennsylvania…and the artist has always wanted to paint a Renaissance nude…and the woman has always wanted some money of her own…and nobody is going to know about her posing anyway…what could go wrong?

THE DOOR TO LOVE - Widowed Courtney James' plans to reinvent her life are complicated by a handsome Chicago lawyer, a small boy lost in a summer storm and an explosion that ends her dreams. She returns to Milwaukee. But has she left her heart…and her love…in Door County?

​THE PERFECT SUSPECT​ Author Jen Wright buys a cabin sight-unseen in far north Wisconsin to write her next novel in solitude. She doesn’t expect to find her first ex-husband shot to death in the bedroom.
         She’s the perfect suspect and blustery Sheriff Sturge isn’t going to let her forget it. Jen realizes she’s actually living a good plot for her next book…but unless she can uncover some answers, she may have to write it from jail. 

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Nancy Sweetland's Books, Novellas and Short Stories

THE SPA MURDERS - Two corporate executives are killed in the luxurious company Spa. A third is attacked and left for dead. Detective Ross Bricker, yearning for his former life with ex-wife and teenage daughter, has shut himself away from possible romance…but meeting pretty Fern Nichols during the investigation just may change all that. Meanwhile, there are murders to solve.

THE TOTALED MAN- (Novella) Herbert Hendorf's rotund wife Agnes goes Total Woman, setting up exciting (she thinks) but outlandish (and exhausting, he thinks) sexual encounters at every opportunity. His invention of an innovative recycling machine could win a million dollars and maybe save his marriage - if he isn't totaled by his total woman first. 

THE BASKET CASE - (Novella) A small wicker basket containing $10,000 appears on PI Suzie Q. Wall's front step, throwing her into pursuit of an elusive client, a murderer, an aging Vegas showgirl and a baby-seller. Literally using her head to save her life, she closes the case.

WANNABE - Toni Dresser is focused on running her Green Bay costume shop and living life on her own terms…but she doesn't count on an intriguing undercover agent and two steamy nights in romantic door County. Will this wannabe relationship prove to be the real thing?

EFFIE AND THE PLUM COUNTRY OPEN- (Short Story) Effie Casper, 68, follows her dream to compete in her first ever golf tournament. Her unorthodox shots perfected by playing in, through and around old farm buildings give her an edge over younger, more sophisticated players…but will she be good enough to win the prize she covets?

THE VIRGIN MURDERS - Channeling the Virgin Mary, a rejected novitiate completes a nine-month novena of double executions across the country. When she realizes the eighteen 'accidental' deaths, are about to be uncovered, she kidnaps the sheriff’s young son to lure the sheriff to her death before the truth can be revealed. Can the sheriff save her son? Or will they both become the final deaths in this killer’s murderous novena?