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I was a lucky child, fortunate to have parents who read to each other and to my sister, brother and me.  Even in the drought-ridden ranch country of South Dakota, where eking out a living during the lingering years of the depression was difficult at best, books were a precious part of everyday life.
​ The family moved to southern Minnesota when I was three, to a farm six gravel-rutted miles from the closest library, and so began the weekly trek to town for reading material. Miss Ethel Anderson, the aging librarian (I can still picture the spiky grey-haired bun on her head) soon knew me well, and it wasn’t long before I was picking out my own bags of books.  Bless her heart, she never tried to censor what I took, so I pulled from every stack that looked interesting.
  One of my favorite memories is seeing my farm-chore weary mother sitting on a straight-backed chair in the hallway between our bedrooms, the ceiling light shining on her book as she took us to Wonderland, Adventureland, and Fantasyland, through fiction and non-fiction, and often through poetry—I'll never forget the longing in her land-locked voice as she read, "I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky—" passing her love of literature to all of us.
 Of course writing had to follow.  When I was 13, the family moved north, where we lived in a thickly forested area, and I was allowed to explore miles and miles of old, overgrown logging roads on my bicycle. One sweltering summer day, I came home bug-bitten, brush-scratched and bedraggled, sat down and wrote my first article. I think it was titled, “Don’t be a Nature Lover.” Of course I got my first rejection slip—but the editor was kind and wished me luck in my future endeavors. Imagine me—just a kid!— getting a letter from a big-time publication! I was hooked. 
I still am.