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"The Perfect Suspect" is now up on Amazon as an ebook.  Here's the link: - it's listed at $2.99. A print book won't be out until later.

I love book signings - this one was at BookWorld in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


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​And here we are, already into spring - whatever happened to all those days I planned to spend working on my Fairhaven II book? Somehow I need to be more disciplined. I am working, don't get me wrong. But not as much as I should. We've had a lot of dark, dull days in Green Bay, and hunkering down with a good book has been more enticing than typing away when I'm not sure where my characters are going.

I've just been introduced to a fantastic writer, Louise Penny. Why I hadn't heard of her before is beyond me; I feel I've been short-changed! The depth of her books is so, so head and shoulders over almost any others I've read before. Her main character, Inspector Gamash, is so solid a personality that I almost feel he must be a favorite relative of mine (and I wish he'd drop in!). The series - there are 12 now, beginning with "Still Life" which introduces Gamash, the fictional village of Three Pines in Canada, an area near Quebec, and, of course, a suspicious death that only he and his team can solve. Penny's back-up characters are also so well drawn, and so individual, that I feel I know them, too, how and why they react to the circumstances they find themselves in and what they want out of their lives.

So, if you haven't read Penny, do. You won't be sorry.

​My crocuses are blooming, it's fifty-plus degrees, the sun is shining, and I'm off to a meeting with writers - how could any day be more promising? Unless, of course, I get a call from a publisher asking for the last manuscript I've sent them. Now that would make it perfect.